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4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis

The allure of the night sky brought a new meaning to Eugene Thress after his time in space. His epiphany portrayed the reality of Mankind’s ill practices toward the only object standing between humans and complete extinction.

Eugene struggled with exposing the knowledge he learned from his vision and remaining silent. But, he chose to enlighten society with the information; embracing the ability to end diversity, uniting the human race. In doing so, the proposal can work to revitalize Earth to its previous unspoiled condition. Eugene’s plan would not endanger anyone’s spiritual beliefs or heritage. Its’ simply a strategy to protect a gracious planet that supports all life.


Thress leaves the concept open for everyone to contemplate their own perception of the future.  By mapping, the blueprint as a way to save humanity opens the door for a cohesive society that functions on the passion for veracity and peace among the inhabitants of Earth.

Book Review

Review by Scott Francis Davis

BA (Hons), MA (Hons), PgD, D.D., PhD Scholar 
Author, Historian, Christian, Cancer Survivor

Book Review of Stephen Thress’ 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis

By Scott Francis Davis


Anchored deep within the havoc already inflicted upon Earth, Thress’ 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis centers upon an apocalyptic-grounded epiphany; one which seeks to embrace and celebrate diversity amongst all Earth’s peoples and the cultures they represent.  Thress proposes a synergistic uniting of the masses, much as the early Native Americans sought through uniting the “longhouses” of old.  This represents a masterful and imaginative peering into what could be--and quite possibly should be--humankind’s future. 

In Thress’ 4 Horseman of the Great Metropolis, a visceral debate develops—one centered upon humankind’s purported responsibilities to God and living within a world God entrusted to humankind.  It is quite the introspective look into the arguments regarding God’s tenants for existence, and the roles to be undertaken by humankind.  A united world, with one underlying purpose…harmony…is presented for everyone on Earth to contemplate in the end. 

But at its core, 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis represents one man’s vision regarding the interpretations and observances regarding humankind’s co-existing with one another:  Something all of humanity should take note of.  No matter your spiritual or personal ideations, Thress leaves every reader pondering the hopes and dreams of, and for, all humanity; meaning, 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis identifies the blueprints for a united, self-enduring world.  Perhaps.  Only by reading 4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis will this, and many other questions, be answered.

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